Cairo travel tips


Transportation to/from the airport

Its preferable not to use the local taxi and go for

Uber - Android

Uber - Iphone

Careem - Android

Careem - Iphone

Or Book it with us



A Dollar equals now around 17 to 18 EGP

Euro = 21 to 22 EGP

Wanna exchange? Go to a bank or an ATM machine - nowhere else!


  • Be prepared for tipping so that it does not dent your budget. Tipping is expected, whether the service is good or not.

  • Tip in local currency.

  • Keep all the change required for tipping in a separate pouch so that you don’t have to dig into a loaded wallet while tipping.

  • Speak to your guide or the hotel reception before tipping anyone.

  • When people come to you, offering help which you don’t need, politely, but firmly tell them “No, thanks”.

  • A few times, people may demand more tips & get angry, but, you also have to realize that most people expect such huge tips, only because their livelihood depends on tourism.

What to wear


In Egypt we have both women with headscarves and women whose hair is uncovered. Both are acceptable. In general women visiting Egypt should take care to wear clothes that do not expose too much of their bodies and skin.


For Women I'd recommend wearing 3/4 sleeve shirts, skirts below knees, and longer pants. It is ok to wear t-shirts or tank tops at tourist sights where other bus loads of people are present. On the other side, bikinis and other swimwear are totally acceptable to wear while at the resorts on the Red Sea.


Also wear sensible footwear when visiting the various sites. High heels and open toe shoes are not advisable. The floors of most sites are either sand or rough-cut, uneven stone. Inside many tombs, wooden floorboards have been installed, but thin heels could get caught in the gaps between the floorboards.



July is the hottest month in Cairo with an average temperature of 82°F (28°C) and the coldest is January at 56°F (14°C) with the most daily sunshine hours at 14 in June.



Don't drink from a tap water pipes are not clean, stick to mineral water buy a 1.5 liters for around 25 cents.


  • In open Markets or street shops you'd rather ask the guide or any Egyptian friend to buy it for you otherwise really need to negotiate the price.

  • In the big Malls, big Supermarkets & the branded shops  the prices are fixed for everyone.

  • Where to shop?

Staying in downtown?

- Muizz Street for local and handmade giveaways.

- City Stars Mall .


When Citystars first opened, Egyptians were blown away by the overall quality of the mall, and the variety of shops and restaurants on offer. Managing to maintain this quality and diversity of shops for all these years is why Citystars is on this list. Unfortunately, this is one of the more confusing malls in Cairo to navigate but it’s still a great place for families, couples and friends to eat out or go shopping. There’s a lot of brands, including Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Cartier, Longchamp, H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Mango.

Staying near the Pyramids?

- Mall of Egypt


The all-new glistening Mall of Egypt features Egypt’s first (and so far only) indoor snow park. You’ll also find a clean and well-maintained cinema complex featuring 21 screens. The food court has a good selection of food outlets boasting many of the expected local and international chains. From a shopping perspective, there’s a wide variety of shops including many major brands from around the world. But since it’s a new mall, many of the shops are yet to open (as of summer 2017). The early signs are great, and we’re in awe with the grandness of it all. Only time will tell if Mall of Egypt can maintain its ridiculously high standards and cling on to the top spot.

Mall of Arabia

Covering this mall in a day is probably out of the question as you’ll need a few days to walk around the whole place. Yes, it’s that big! So we recommend wearing your walking shoes if you plan to visit. Even the planned Mall of Egypt won’t steal steal the title of “Cairo’s biggest mall” from this monster. Mall of Arabia caters to everyone’s needs and boasts some of the world’s biggest brands including, but not limited to, Zara, Virgin, Timberland, GAP, Centrepoint, LC Waikiki, and Mango. There’s a Spinny’s hypermarket for groceries, a cinema multiplex, and a huge number of cafes and restaurants. Good things don’t always have to come in small packages…

Staying in New Cairo?

- Cairo Festival City Mall


One of the local favorites to popup in recent times, Cairo Festival City Mall is another grand venue made for the masses. Located at the 5th Settlement in the East of Cairo, the mall hosts the likes of Carrefour, Centrepoint, Debenhams, H&M, Marks & Spencer and Zara. But what makes Cairo Festival City stand out from the rest of the malls in Cairo is that it’s home to the only IKEA store in Egypt.

Travel Insurance

  • Not only in Cairo, if you are a frequent traveler you always need a travel insurance.

  • The travel insurance policy cover you not only if your bags are lost/stolen, but also if your flight is delayed/cancelled, but you’ll also be covered for all medical and injury related issues as well.

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